Welcome ! I'm Isaiah Johnson and this is my personal style/lifestyle blog. My aim is to show you that having a creative and collected style is possible without breaking the bank. Enjoy.
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A Collected Style:


A polo shirt is a great essential for the summer. They all come in different sizes and flavors. Personally, I’m always drawn to ones that are colorful and unique. 

Outfit Details: Multi-Colored Polo by Lands’ End, Thrift Store - $5 || Denim Button-Down  by Levi’s, Consignment Store - $11 || Alpha Khakis by Dockers $40 || Nyllite Canvas Sneaker by Tretorn - $65 

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

Keep your head held high so you can continue looking forward 

A Collected Style:

Set Ablaze(r)

Nothing says summer like a colorful blazer. If you’re on the hunt for one, be sure to look for one in cotton, linen, and seersucker, those are lighter and keep you cool.  For hotter days, throw on a t-shirt or henley instead of a button-down.

Outfit Details: Red Blazer by Visa, Consignment Store - $4 || Wingman Longwing Derby by 1901 - $50 || Patch Pocket nep T-Shirt by Gap - $15 ||  Alpha Khakis by Dockers $40 || Italian Silk Pocket Square by J.Crew - $40

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

Note To Self

Don’t sell yourself short by changing who you are for the acceptance of others. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in. The way you think, dress, speak and eat symbolizes your uniqueness. The worst thing you can do is give that away because of the opinions of others. Love and Accept who you are. 

you guys are such an inspiration to me. I thank you all for following my journey. 

Good Morning 
Beautiful People

Good Morning 

Beautiful People

Love Yourself. Dream Big. Take Risks. Work Hard. Never Settle. Remain Humble.

A Collected Style:

Tealing Me Softly 

I love the days when I can throw on a light sweater and enjoy the spring breeze. What are some of your favorite pieces to wear this season? 

Outfit Details: National Parks 1300 Sneaker by New Balance - $170 || Alpha Khakis by Dockers - $40 || Cable-Knit Sweater by Dockers, Good Will - $4

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

PATIENCE is KEY. Gotta believe in yourself and your craft. Your hard work will pay off in due time. Just don’t lose or change who you are for anyone or anything

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Take That Next Step 

You can be the King, but watch the Queen conquer - Nicki Minaj 

My New Photography Website is almost finished, but here are some photos from a fashion shoot I did this past weekend 

Become who you’re meant to be

Morning Rant

Live your life. Enjoy every second you have on this earth. Appreciate  and love your family, friends and significant other, even if you don’t see eye to eye sometimes. Reach 10,000 hours working on your passion .  Don’t look back. Take that risk. Just LIVE. 

sprechnge asked:
hey Isaiah, I'm just curious, how did you really build your following? you seem to be doing pretty well out here on the internet. my girlfriend and I have been doing some cool photography stuff lately, and we're looking for a place to showcase it. actually the pictures we were taking yesterday, I was wearing an almost identical outfit to the set you just uploaded today. anyway, do you know of any blogs we can submit our photos to? thanks in advance.

Hey Dominick, Honestly just focus on your work and the following will come. It just takes time, but after a few miles on your journey,  you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come . I don’t know of any sites where you can submit your photos. I would make a new blog based just on your own work and just promote it through your social media accounts. The right people will take notice.  Thanks for messaging me. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

A Collected Style:


When it’s hot outside, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and some nice kicks will never fail you. It’s a classic look that will never compromise your style.  

Outfit Details: Patch Pocket nep T-Shirt by Gap - $15 ||  Slim Raw Jeans indigo Natural , Courtesy of DSTLD Jeans - $35 || Air Max 1 Premium by Nike - $80

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

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